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Le Toy Van – Honeybake Film Cameraa

Children can create their own pretend Hollywood blockbuster with this wooden film camera. Designed with spinning cogs and a kaleidoscope lens it offers an opportunity for creative and social play.

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Rubik’s Magic- Prophecy Magic – 15 Tricks

Kids do wonders at magic and love to impersonate some of the tricks too. If you are looking for some easy magic tricks for kids, this is a great activity set with cool tricks. Magic is a great way for children to surprise friends. Magic tricks will not just help kids entertain the audience but also leave them astounded.

The Rubik’s Magic Cube Prophecy set will teach children how to read their friends’ minds magically. They will always know the chosen Rubik’s colour with this clever trick. This set contains over 15 different tricks.

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2-way animated live cards are a great novelty item. Slide the tab at the card base and the image changes. It’s a pleasant, amusing surprise for all

2-Way Greeting Card Toothy Fish
2-way animated cards -WONDER LAMP
2-way animated cards-LADYBIRD
2-Way Greeting Card Hill Birds


Let the child discover the world in their own way



Love Play Learn


Poly M

build and play while having fun and exploring the endless possibilities of their imaginations.


Papo Medieval

With the medieval world’ figurines live epic battles, defend your kingdom against the enemy or face knights in a duel.

The diversity high quality and realism of our figures and the interplay of the different universes stimulate creativity and playability. Whether they are heroic, magical or fantastic, the stories come to life and generate hours of fun!

Papo is not only famous among kids but it’s very popular with many collectors and specialists.

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The latest Classic Shop news

Carefully dig away the plaster to find the hidden dinosaur bones. Contains a Velociraptor skeleton about 21cm long when assembled.

Dig away the plaster to find the hidden dinosaur bones then assemble the skeleton.

After assembling the skeleton there is a stand supplied to make a scene so you can keep it as a decoration.

Skeleton of Stegosaurus stands about 17cm long when assembled.


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