The Alpha Wing features a flared body shape, wide string gap and steel axle – perfect for new players to learn basic string tricks. Now you can enjoy legendary Yomega quality and performance.

The latest addition to the excellent beginner yo-yo lineup form Yomega is the all new Alpha Wing!

The Alpha Wing is a super fun low maintenance fixed axle yo-yo designed for beginner string trick play and fixed axle enthusiasts! It has a nice high wall design that really helps with regens and stalls along with a flared string gap that gives you an extra edge with string tricks.

This durable plastic yo-yo uses a fixed steel axle and starburst response that really doesn’t require any maintenance and is compatible with cotton or polyester string. It is not a take apart yo-yo, so don’t try to untwist it and make sure you have a paperclip handy to get out knots.

The Alpha Wing is Perfect for new players learning basic string tricks or fixed axle fanatics looking for a durable new throw!

Age : 8 years+
Size : Diameter 58.4mm x Width 34.9mm (Gap Width 2.5mm)