This clever flute was originally introduced in 1954 and it soon became one of the best selling musical novelties of the day. With a little practice You will be able to play a tune, call wild birds, and even help teach parakeets and canaries to sing.

The Cat and Canary Flute offers more than just great sounds. It also features a little animated canary that flutters away in its cage under the watchful eye of its feline friend. The Cat and Canary Flute is hard to resist and both kids and adults will want to have a turn. Detailed instructions on the back of the card will get you started and you will be entertaining your family, friends, and pets in no time.

How to Play your ‘Cat & Canary Flute’

-To play tunes without using the warble effect- Hold the flute vertically. Blow into the mouthpiece and move slide in a trombone fashion to select notes. Practice playing different notes in this position.

-To play tunes using the warble effect- Hold the flute level. Then while blowing, slowly tilt the flute downward towards a vertical position. About midway between level and vertical planes, the warbling mechanism will automatically come into action to animate the canary and to time, space and accent notes over the entire multi-octave range of flute. Try playing the flute in this position.

-Playing tips- 1)Blow low notes softly. 2)Blow high notes hard.3) Vary amplitude of timing vibration by varying the angle at which you hold the flute.4)Vary frequency of timing by varying air pressure. 5)Learn to play sharp, distinct notes to give your tunes added variety.

-To plat sharp, distinct notes- Hold the flute vertically. Hold the slide stationary at any note. Place your tongue over the mouthpiece inlet hole. Quickly withdraw your tongue and at the same time blow, exactly as you would whisper the word ‘tea’. This method is calling tonguing.

-To play bird calls- To TRILL: Supply steady air while rapidly vibrating the slide. To CHIRP: Hold the flute vertically. Admit air in sharp burst by tonguing , while simultaneously jerking the slide a short distance.

Age : 5+

size : 16.8 x 6.5 cm