The age old 1930’s traditional favourite party game. Who will pin the tail on the donkey in the right place? The tails are printed on single sheet to be cut out. Up to 24 player can use the game. sharp pins used.

Cut off the strips with the tails and place a pin in the top end of each tail. Be careful of the pin points. Use enough tails for the number of players, keeping the balance for another time.

Hang the Donkey sheet on a wall and give each player a pinned tail. Each player in turn, according to te tail number, is blindfolded, turned around a few times and left facing the donkey.

The player then steps forward and pins the tail to the position that is first touched. First prize goes to the player who pins the tail closest to the correct position. A booby prize can be awarded to the player with a tail furthest away.

Age : 5+

Packaging Size : 26 x 20 x 3 cm