This excellent educational 1950s Retro Board Air Race Game is ideal for teaching children where cities are throughout the world. Using envelopes that need to be delivered to destinations, each player plans his route starting from London and makes his way around the world flying from one city to another. A game in which the player deliver mail in the shortest time possible. Up to four players are required in this game. Includes four coloured planes, Envelop with 40 letters, Dice and instruction.

Rules of playing the game Air Race.

-All the ”letters” are placed faced downwards upon the table, and are equally divided among the players.  Should an odd number of players be taking part, the letters remaining over, after an even division has been made, are replaced in the box.

-Players now sort out their own ” mail”, and decide in their own minds which route they will follow in order to convey the letters to their respective destinations in the shortest time.

-All start from London, and the winner is he who, having delivered his whole mail to its destination, first returns to London.

– The youngest player starts, followed by the next youngest and so on: all moving alternately, by flying from one town to another at each move, counting along with the dots and landing at each destination. If you have thrown a number that will take you beyond your town, just deliver the mail and continue on towards your next destination. To finish the game, you must throw exactly the correct number on the dice to land in London.

Age : 3+

Size :  Board 40 x 21 cm