The ultimate board game compendium is beautifully finished in antique wood from Professor Puzzle.

Filled with six of the best-known games from around the world, this set contains hours of fun for both adults and children.

With everything you need to play this is a must-have for any games cupboard and is guaranteed hours of family fun. No home should be without any of these classic games.

Set Contains :

Chess – become a master of the classic two-player strategy board game                                                               Draughts – refine your diagonal and jumping moves                                                                                                  Backgammon – one of the world’s oldest board game                                                                                                 Dominoes – explore the many tile games that have been played for centuries                                                      Pick-up Sticks – a dexterity game of physical and mental skill                                                                                 Cards – endless games of chance and skill can be played with one pack instruction sheet

Players:  2 – 4

Age: 6 years +

Packaging Size (L x W x H): 27 x 27 x 5 cm