The twenty-piece wooden rocket ship has four levels for you to explore with a variety of rooms to handle ship functions and crew needs. It even comes with a detachable planetary lander to take a crew to an alien planet’s surface.

Blast off to another world with this four-stage rocket ship complete with planetary lander.              Conduct your very own imaginary deep-space voyage.
Play with a playmate to come up with a spacefaring story.

As the world’s largest producer of wooden toys, Hape is clearly dependent on the use of natural materials. A full line of bamboo toys takes advantage of the special properties of this highly renewable material. Plastic parts are ensured durable enough to last for generations in order to encourage toys to be passed down rather than tossed out. Hape has strategically considered surface treatment, energy consumption, and packaging options to minimize environmental impact and maximize efficiency.

Size : 18 × 36 × 60 cm

Ages : 3 years+