Just imagine without the aid of the modern day calculator, even simple calculation that involves multiple numbers will be seen as a daunting task. Almost a century ago, a simple device was invented and help to revolutionize the world of number crunching, thus alleviating the fear and boosting the productivity across the world.

The education Monkey was first invented in 1916-1918, by William Robertson of Belmont Ohio, USA, and this original toy was manufactured and sold across the world.

This ingenious device was considered an educational aid as well as a novelty item in the 1920s, but until today children and adults are still fascinated by this simple yet ingenious toy calculator.

A novel way to do your multiplication tables. This very smart monkey always has the right answer for any sum to 12 x 12. Just slide his feet to the required numbers and the answer shows in his hands. Fitted with a convenient stand.

Age : 8+ years

Size : 16 x 14 cm