The two brothers Mario and Luigi whizz together over the racetrack and experience a lot of adventures.

Cool Mario Kart (TM) licensed slot car race track with Super Mario™ and Luigi

From the video game into the children’s room, are you ready?
Who doesn’t like to remember the wild duels in Mario Kart™? Even today’s generation of small racing fans should not be denied this fun. Far away from consoles and the like, Mario and Luigi are now on the Carrera FIRST Nintendo Mario Kart™ and ready for the chase.

The starting signal for a fast race has been given!
Super Mario™ and Luigi race in their super cool cars around the 2.9-metre-long race track and try to deliver their best performance. Step on the gas with the ergonomic speed controllers to manoeuvre the game heroes with their cars on a scale of 1:50 through the narrow section and the flip elements.

But watch out! If you arrive at the narrow section at the same time as your opponent, a collision is unavoidable. Granted, that’s actually quite a funny thing, don’t you think? This set comes with the Nintendo® license, so the packaging design, the slot cars and the decorative elements of the race track were designed entirely in the Nintendo Mario Kart™ look. As an energy source for this cool race track, you need four type C batteries. Batteries are not included in the set.

Flip elements for extra gaming fun

Cars in the set: MarioKart Mario & Luigi

2.9-meter racing circuit with speed grip race track with looping and lap counter track

Dimensions when assembled: 114 x 87.5 cm

The scale of cars: 1:50

Up to 2 drivers can race simultaneously

Age group: 3+ years