Our all-time favorite tin toy range is back in stock…

Tin toys were manufactured in the mid-19th century. The toys were originally assembled and painted by hand. Germany originated the spring activated movable mechanism tin toys in 1850s. In the late 1880s offset lithography was used to print designs on tinplate’s and create new tin toy designs. Tin toys became one of the fastest selling toys in world as the 1950s and 1960s kids didn’t have latest technologies to spend time and they were excited to see the wind-up spring mechanism. Children started to collect tin toys and play with it and treasure it.

Tin toy robots are a highly collectable type of toy. The art, the ingenuity, the color and its vintage look make collectors and tin toy lovers to fall in love in collecting it.

We love tin toys so we have stocked some of the exclusive tin toy ranges. You can collect it as a collector, display it in the kids’ room or living room, gift it to not only kids but all the tin toy lovers.

We have a fantastic range of carefully selected products suitable for everyone from kids to teenagers to mum and dad.