Are you looking for board games that you loved when you were small??? Looking for old times board games??? Classic or Retro board games which were the best of all times???

At Classic Gifts Australia, we have the best and most loved board games for you to choose from and enjoy playing with family, friends or colleagues.

Retro Board Game Ludo

Ludo is a board game for two to four players, in which the players race their four tokens from start to finish according to to die rolls.

The game known as ‘Parcisi’ was brought to England by the British Raj circa 1896 and was renamed Ludo. Originating in India in the 6th Century, remnants of the game have been found on cave walls, courtyards, and portable boards.

Retro LUDO board game

Monopoly – Mega Edition

Everybody loves the timeless game of Monopoly. Now in Mega Monopoly, you can own more property, build more buildings and handle more cash!

The huge game board has 12 extra property spaces including eight new streets, each added to a colour group.

Retro Board Game Snake & Ladder

Snakes and Ladders morality game is an ancient Indian board game known as Moksha Patam. Regarded today as a worldwide classic, the game made its way from India to Victorian England in 1892 and has from that time on been known as Snakes and Ladders.

This game of Snakes and Ladders will bring hours of entertainment to all that play. Roll the dice to save yourself from slippery snakes. Includes a giant 42cm gameboard, one dice, four-button markers in four colours and a shaker.

Retro Board Game Family Bingo

For fun and family pleasure, there is always the game of bingo. Great for young and old alike bingo has been a staple time for relaxation for generations. This version is based on an original from the 1950s and is as amusing as it was then.

Baffled Board Game

In this great family board game, you need the memory of an elephant. In just 60 seconds you must memorise the position of the twelve symbol tiles… BUT prepare to be Baffled as the symbols constantly swap and change positions around the board!

Baffled is cleverly designed so that children and adults have an equal chance of winning. Fun for ALL the family, who can survive on the Baffled board the longest… will it be you?

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