Playing with magnets give anyone a joy and endless fun.

Delight your little ones with our newly arrived range of Magnetic Game sets. It’s a great way to make learning a whole lot of fun. It’s perfect to play whilst on the move with family, in a Restaurant or in a plane. You may see magnetic games as a good product to keep kids busy on the go but did you know their is a lot of practical benefits for little ones.

Here are some importance of magnet play for your kids before you explore our range.

  • Kids can sharpen their visual skills.
  • Improve their imaginations.
  • Develop free play skills.
  • Creativity and artistic skills increase in them.
  • Help children with hand and eye coordination.
  • Magnet play also can increase fine motor skills and problem solving skills.
  • Little ones learn colour recognition.
  • Encourage your kids by talking to them while they play to develop language skills.

Shop our exclusive magnet play sets. It can be easily stored and comes with a carry handle.