Kids do wonders at magic and love to impersonate some of the tricks too. If you are looking for some easy magic tricks for kids, we have a great range of activity sets with cool tricks in Australia. Magic is a great way for children to surprise friends. Magic tricks will not just help kids entertain the audience but also leave them astounded.

Magic is a popular hobby that is fun to do, and it also has the additional benefit of boosting self-confidence and social skills.

We have a wide range of magic trick games for kids. They can have hours of fun with these magic trick game sets.

Some of our most popular magic trick games for you to choose from:

Schylling – Magic Rabbit Deluxe Magic Hat 150 Trick Set

The Deluxe 150 Magic Hat Set includes a wearable Magic Hat and is packed full of many magicians’ favourites, like Mystic Cards, Magic Dice, Magic Rope, Levitating Wand, Magic Cloth and much, and much more.

Rubik’s Magic – Prophecy Magic -15 Tricks

The Rubik’s Magic Cube Prophecy set will teach children how to read their friends’ minds magically. They will always know the chosen Rubik’s colour with this clever trick. This set contains over 15 different tricks.

Hinkler – The Coolest Magic Cards & Book

The Coolest Magic Cards and Book Kit. The kit comes with everything a budding magician needs to prepare, practice and perform super-cool magic card tricks, including a 20-page booklet and a deck of cleverly marked cards.

Exclusive Magic – Quality Magic Collection

Get your hands on the ultimate magic kit. This set includes a range of tricks, which have been designed and selected specifically for this exclusive collection. Everything is included to help you perform like a real magician, with quality props

Ezama – Magic Hat Set 125 Tricks

Young magicians can use this magic hat to make objects appear, disappear, transform and vanish. The set has 125 classic tricks including a Cute Magic Rabbit, Linking Rings, Mind Reading Magic and X-Ray Vision! Plus much, much more to impress an audience.


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