List of Toys for Toddlers

Playing with toys is very important for toddlers. Choosing the correct toy based on the child’s age is the best way to find the correct toy for toddlers.

As a parent, it is hard to figure out what toy is best for toddlers as there are many toys to choose from and it’s confusing at times. Toys are a great way to kickstart toddlers’ play and their development. There are toys children can play many times in different ways.

We have listed the most popular toys for toddlers which are unique and of course no chemicals and are child friendly. Our list makes your life easy by giving a toddler toy list guide.


Toddlers love to stack and break it. They enjoy doing it as many times as they like. Kids can build with blocks and do much more. It not only keeps them occupied but develops hand-eye coordination, imaginative skills and more.

BRIO Set – Cargo Railway Deluxe Set 54

The 54-piece  Cargo Railway Deluxe Set is an action-packed toy train set filled with mechanical functions and cargo-themed play.

The 54-piece  Cargo Railway Deluxe Set is an action-packed toy train set filled with mechanical functions and cargo-themed play.

Connetix – 212 Piece Mega Pack

With connetix tiles watch ideas and designs come to life as possibilities are limited only by your kid's imagination

Allow children to use their imagination, take the lead in their play and create the ultimate rainbow fun with our 212 piece Mega Pack.

Mokulock Blocks Bubu, 14 pieces – Made in Japan

BUBU is part of the Mokulock wooden building block ranges from Japan, they are beautiful natural lego style building blocks, made from eco-friendly timbers.


Llorens – Baby Doll 43 cm

Llorens has been creating dolls designed for play and child development since 1995. Their products are 100% manufactured in Spain and the company takes care of every detail during the production process.

The doll is dressed beautifully just like you, can comb her hair, dress her and she loves wearing the latest trends. You’ll fall in love with her. The doll’s clothes can be changed during play.

Miniland Doll

Miniland Educational dolls are made in Spain, these anatomically correct dolls are vanilla scented to smell like a newly born baby.

Miniland Educational dolls are an important educational resource that helps comprehend the concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, and respect for racial and sexual diversity.

Spinning Tops

Egmont Toys Spinning Top

Spinning Tops  Astronaut Large  19cm

The metal humming top Astro Robot is a real classic. With the broad base, it is very stable and easy to manipulate. Pull and push the top and there it goes. Spin around and hear the sound. Hours of fun guaranteed.


Djeco – AnimaBasic Wooden Puzzle

A simple wooden puzzle featuring three different sized animals. Behind each is a sweet animal character.

Push along and Pull Along

Miva Vaoc Pull Along


No batteries are needed with our beautiful pull along with the dog, Margot. These lovely, traditional wooden toys from Miva Vacov will keep them entertained for hours. Children love watching her merrily play her xylophone while they pull her along beside them. Even parents will love the soft musical sound the keys make as she moves her arms up and down.


Ditty Bird Books

Ditty Bird books have been specifically designed to promote language skills, auditory development and music appreciation. Each book features curved corners for safety, and bright colourful illustrations and children can work their fine motor skills through the engaging sound buttons. Wonderfully sturdy, these board books can be read over and over again providing easy to turn pages for little hands.

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