Wondering where to buy Candylab wooden collectible cars in Australia? At Classic Gifts Australia we have a wide range of Candylab cars. It is a perfect car for collectors to have on their display shelf or a quality toy in kids’ hands.

All Candylab cars are made of Solid Beechwood, water-based paint, and a clear urethane coat. ABS plastic rims, with food-grade rubber tyres. Safety tested according to US CPSIA and European, Australian and New Zealand regulations.

Candylab – Harlequin

The slickest, lowest riding racer. Stanced, bright blue, and decorated with a Carnival-inspired pattern, sporting a superstition-defying race no. 13, this is Candylab’s flashiest car, with stories to tell.

Candylab – Lone Sheriff

A new Sheriff in town! Our newest design is the romantic embodiment of prairie drives, following desert tracks and defending the small town order. This is unforgiven.

Candylab – Ghost

This is our boldest design yet, inspired by the pre-WW2 era naval camouflage designed to fool optical targeting. This is our Razzle Dazzle. It’s a rare collector item, fiendishly difficult to make and print.

Candylab – Police Cruiser

Boxy and assertive, shiny black-and-white paint scheme, gold star and two cherries on top. Make sure racing stays at the track.

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