Our planet experience four different seasons each year and they are Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn or fall.

Australia is a country for all seasons. Our seasons are opposite to Northern Hemisphere, when things start to cool off in northern hemisphere in Australia it’s summer.

As seasons change their is also difference in the length of day light available and plant life during the seasons.

In Australia, the seasons are defined by grouping the calendar months in the following way:

❄️WINTER : June, July and August

🌴 SPRING: September, October and November

☀️SUMMER : December, January and February

🍂AUTUMN: March, April and May

Australian weather is incredible and all four season experience will give lasting memory for anyone.

Our Weather Station give children the opportunity to learn more about weather and seasons. Through this play children investigate and experiment different times of weather and learn about the changes weather does to the environment. Kids can move the temperature band to see the temperature rise and fall, turn the wheel to see the 8 different phases of the moon and their names, check the wind and by moving the lever up and down the bucket can see how high the rainfall is.

This interactive wooden weather station is perfect for children to learn about the seasons.

Tender Leaf Toys – Wooden Weather Station – Classic Gifts Australia