Finding things to do with your kids is not easy. Want to reduce screen time and entertain them while you need few minutes for yourself- it can be hard to think of ways to keep kids busy and engaged.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out with our best and fast selling products.


  • Encourage Gardening with our Egmont Garden set.


Ask the kids to help with gardening. Give them a small plant to care for. Ask them to spray water each day and check on the plant’s growth. They will love to help you out in the garden as well as look after their plants. Our Egmont Garden set comes with an apron, 2 spades, a sprayer and a rake.


  • Learn an Instrument.


A drum can encourage toddlers to learn music with their first rhythm and beat. Kids will be occupied with their drum trying to find different beats. The drums come in Green and Blue to choose with.


  • Playing with Puzzles.


We have a range of puzzle sets to occupy kids and develop their problem-solving skills and fine motor skills. With our easy to use and colourful puzzles kids will be engaged in the puzzle for hours.


  • Picnic at home with our Tea Set.


Lay out a blanket, bring some friends from our range of Paola Reina and Llorens Dolls to sit with your Little ones to a nice tea party. Let the party begin!


  • Family time with Board Games.


Kids enjoy family time. Board games are a good enjoyment for kids as well as parents. Our classic range of board games not only is a good entertainer on long weekends or Friday night fun with family. It develops patience, team work, and teach how to win and lose gracefully.